Johan van der Levin uit Zweden schreef mij een reactie op mijn vraag over mijn Garrard 78 toeren speler.

Hello Gerard!

First of all congratulations to a beautiful gramophone! It looks like your pick-up on the Garrard is of an electromagnetic type. I have had the same kind of trouble before. I think your problem is that the steelblade in the middle, between the two ironns is wrongly adjustated. You can se what I mean in the picture I have attached. The steelblade is marked with a yellow arrow in the picture and the irons are marked with red arrows. This steeblade is supposed to be in an exact position between the irons. You can un-lock the two screws and carefully try to adjust the positions of the irons untill the sound is OK. The gap is supposed to be exactly the same on both sides of the blade. Try to find a good position and tighten the screws when you are satisfied. Your problem can also be that the rubber needs to be exchanged. I think you can use the same rubber as you use in a bicykle's air-regulator.

I hope this explanation is helpful to you.
If there is something you don't understand, just send me an e-mail.

Best regards and good luck!

Johan van der Levin


Hello Gerard!

Interresting gramophone you have found! I have only seen your gramophone on a very small picture in a Philips brochure from 1958. There are no information about it. This model contains a record-changer. Your gramophone seem to be an odd model. It has buttons like it is supposed to be a record-changer, but it seem to miss the arm which keeps the records in place. Perhaps it's re-built? I don't think this set was common in private homes in the fifties. I can imagine that it was used in public dance halls etc.

I have attached a picture of a similar gramophone. This model contains the changing-mechanism. Can you see if there has been any other

Best regards Johan van der Levin